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LOCK YOUR WHATSAPP NOW! best whatsapp lock
* Want to hide your chats?
* Want to chat secretly?
* Want to lock your WhatsApp?

Safeguard your chats, videos, audios and photos in your Whatsapp, Have absolute privacy!
It locks your whatsapp from startscreen not the applist but it doesn’t matter it greatly helps to fulfill privacy needs as at first glance we tried our best to give you best APP whatsapp LOCK privacy experience. So this is the #1 best privacy whatsapp lock solution you can get on wp app store. Download now and Enjoy.

Yes! It’s finally here. It is totally genuine and fully functional!
* This app really locks your WhatsApp app! Not like other apps which lock your archived chats and not the real app.

How to use this app?
* Install WhatsApp;
* Unpin WhatsApp from your Windows Phone Start Screen as per instructions mentioned within the app; (Don't worry, WhatsApp will still be there, but just unpinned from start screen)
* Open this app and set your passcode.
* Next time you open this app it will ask for your passcode and once you enter it - WhatsApp will open which you can use normally.

* Your WhatsApp will be hidden as it won't show up in your start screen.
* This app is a one stop solution for all your privacy needs. Yes! Chatting is safer, nicer and as you need it - private!
100% reliable, safe and secure lock for WhatsApp.

* This app is fully functioning and has been tested by many users on windows phone devices.