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MagicTune is a free tool developed by Samsung, designed for calibration of LCD monitors in Windows. The application is mainly used to change settings and monitor display from Samsung. It is characterized by simple and clear interface, with which you can easily change all the necessary settings for the monitor. The MagicTune program can change the brightness and contrast controls, and set the tone color - warm, normal, cold, or leave it in the custom mode. It also added MagicBright useful tool that allows you to set the brightness level to better meet while working on different applications. It provides several special modes - video, text, game, sports, and dynamic contrast. MagicTune also offers more precise control of color by changing the coordinates of the RGB (red, green and blue). There is also a tool to set the smart option that improves color saturation, with the exception of skin color. In addition, you can set the gamma in three modes and color effect, which is responsible for changing the color tones of the entire screen. The program is still an option to adjust the sharpness of the screen and feature RTA (Response Time Accelerator), which reduces the response time and provides a sharper, more natural images. Note: MagicTune only supports monitors from Samsung.

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